subota, 9. listopada 2010.

Biograd in photos

Biograd streets...

St. Anastasia church from 17th century.

Old well by the church.

2nd WW monument of liberation.

City Hall.

City museum entrance, permanent exibition is contents of ancient sunken ship.

St.Roko votive chapel from 16th century.

Roofs of old town...

Fishing net.

Konoba in old town, place where you cant try local wines, brandy, liquers and smoked ham & cheese...

One of many fairs during year with authentic domestic products.

Fishing boats and incoming storm in back.

Peoples square.

Theater boat, shows on board...

Biograd's marketplace stocked with products from domestic breeding...

Marina in Biograd.

Night charm.... . . .

Ruins of ancient cathedral from 6th century, today only foundations survived. Rebuilt at 9 and 11 th century, destroyed by the Venetians.

Play on People's square and unintrested cat in backround.

Biograd's cinema in sommer months moves to open air production, surrounded with pine forrest ...

Old postcards from begining of last century.

First hotel in Biograd "ILIRIJA"opened in 1934 by Vagan Melik Karaganjan, architect and hotelier from Armenia who chose this part as most beautifull on the Adriatic coast.
He also started the first electric company in region and local hospital, today an Orthopedic hospital. His efforts as the "father of Biograd tourism" was establishing the Company for arranging the place and the promotion of tourism "Soline".

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  1. Wow koliko slika definitivno su mi najljepše ove starinske nekretnine / kuće nisam ni slutila da je biograd nekada mogao tako dobro izgledati.
    prodaja nekretnina blizu mora

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