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Biograd surroundings; cities, national parks, old landmarks and towns...

Biograd is the ideal position for a starting point to many interesting destinations. This is a quick overview of places around that offer natural, cultural and recreational facilities.
Click to enlarge on the image below for quick orientation. Marked by blue words in text links you to the destination web page.

Krka waterfalls, national park 55km far from Biograd, pictures speak more than words...

National park Paklenica, paradise for climbing or just for a walk, canyon carved into the mountain Velebit, brings freshness and offers compound of mountaina and sea... 70 km from Biograd.

The city of Zadar, except the ancient historic town it offers new modern architecture blended into the old .. From the church of St. Donat and the old walls to the sea organ and Greeting the sun instalation.... 30 km from Biograd, center of north Dalmatian region.

Kornati national park, labyrinth archipelago of about 140 islands, pure nature and something that can be experienced only by visiting... 2 hours by boat from Biograd.

Benkovac region, city and its surroundings are full of the past, old Iliric and Roman towns, forts and architecture... Benkovac fair, a must see. Livestock, old tools and antiquities... held in 10th day each month, 22 km from Biograd.

Park of nature Vransko lake, fishing paradise but in first place a bird reservate, lake connected with the sea, half salty half sweet water. The remains of the Romans, the crusader fortress, the Turkish fortress... Interesting bike trail around the lake starting from Biograd... 6 km far.


National park Plitvička jezera, waterfalls and lakes are a unique place in the world. You cant miss it driving from Croatian capital Zagreb to te coast by local road or follow sighs from highway. It's around half way from Zagreb to Biograd.

Split, center city of Dalmatian region, ancient hometown of Roman King Dioklecian, 135km from Biograd.

Vrgada island, 50 minutes with boat, nice sandy beaches, beatifull fishing village. No cars and no door locks on the island...

Zrmanja and Krupa canion, rafting, swiming, bike tracks. Good choice for whole day visit, wild nature

City Šibenik, 58 km from Biograd

City Nin 44 km

Bribirska glavica, ancient ruins, 50 km far, nice viewpoint.

And the official video from Croatian National Tourist Board

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